“About Me” sections always seemed really intimidating to me. Describe yourself in 500 words. Make it engaging and all encompassing and for God’s sake make it interesting. That’s where you lose me. The problem is that I am unfortunately not that interesting. If you asked me why you should read my blog I’d probably say something like “Maybe just don’t”. But for the sake of this project, I’m going to bore you for a hot second and attempt to make it as interesting as I can.

Dat me. (I usually look far less put together)

The Basics

I was born and raised just outside of Syracuse, NY. If you’re wondering, yes, I do bleed orange. I have two wonderful parents and an older sister who I admire and look up to greatly. After college, I moved to Boston with my now Husband and our dog, who’s personality over shadows both of ours, and have been there ever since. I’m an exercise and outdoor junkie and would walk out the door right now to travel the world. Sounds pretty basic right?

Be more basic. You can’t.


I’d say the thing that has defined much of my last 10 years is running.  I started running at the end of college and caught the bug big time. Fast forward 7 years and I’ve run 6 marathons and am recently the proud owner of a surgically repaired torn hip.

I’d probably say I peaked in 2015

Once upon a time a was a decent runner and found my stride somewhere around 2015 when I PR’d at the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:00:42 (talk about a haunting 42 seconds). But that’s when things started to go downhill. After years of struggling quietly with disordered eating, over training and crippling body image issues, my body had finally had enough. A sacral stress fracture and a torn hip labrum were the nail in the coffin, but also the wake up call.

Who has 1.5 working hips but still wants to prove the world wrong? This guy.



Project No Zero Days

That brings me to today. Less that two weeks after having surgery to repair the damage I’d done to my body over the past decade, I stumbled across this quote shared by a friend. Something about it really latched on in my mind and I couldn’t shake it. The grander idea behind it was to live each day with a purpose, a concept covered by nearly every quote book known to man. But that can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re sitting on your couch, feeling like the body you have is not yours. On the contrary, this idea seemed more manageable. The goal was not to do something epically meaningful everyday but to do even one small thing toward achieving your dreams, didn’t matter how small. That constitutes an “Non Zero Day”. So I decided, rather than spend my days thinking about this idea, why not live it?

Never underestimate the value of sharing your dreams. That’s how they come to life.

I have always been a closet writer and jumped on any chance I got to use that part of my brain. But this was just the push I needed to make it come to life. I’m highly goal oriented (and competitive) so I figured perfect, a challenge. Thus 365 No Zero Days.  1 year to turn my outlook around and share my thoughts along the way. Some days may be focused on rehab and eventually the road to running again. Some days may be focused on the struggles of leaving behind a poor self image. Some days may just be a day at the beach or a new destination. But everyday will be a Non Zero Day.

This guy doesn’t know the meaning of a Zero Day #goals

I promise not to bore you (again) with a daily “Dear Diary” but I will try to share at least once a week on how the project is coming. In the meantime, apologies for the 3 minutes you won’t be getting back but I’ll leave you with one last hope for this. The world is filled with 7.5 Billion people and despite that fact, it’s easy to feel alone and directionless. If writing this blog can make even one person feel a little less alone or inspire one lost soul to take the first step toward their dream, then I’d say this project was a success. No Zero Days starts now.

Actual footage of me taking the first leap